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<h1>Catering Austin Style</h1>

Catering Austin Style

Need to feed your nacho fix? We can bring it to you. Bored of Board Room sub sandwiches? Bunches of burritos to the rescue. Fancy a fiesta for your Holiday Party? Just add a Taco Bar from Tex Tubb’s and you will be an office hero.

A minimum of 20 people is required for delivery

Interested in Catering?

Please Contact:

Courtney Schaefer

Catering Manager

Taco Bars

Order a taco bar (10 person minimum) for any event! We will deliver and set up (20 person minimum). Contact our Catering Manager to organize any size event.

Includes: Flour tortillas, crispy corn tortillas, shredded Jack cheese, lettuce, sour cream, pico de gallo, Tex Mex rice, your choice of refried or black beans, and your choice of cookies or sopapilla chips. With choice of two: ground beef, smoked chicken, smoked pork, or mixed veggies. 11.99 per person, with fajita chicken or steak add 2.00 per person

Upgrade to taco salad for 12.99 per person. Includes homemade flour tortilla bowl, all taco bar toppings, and your choice of dressing: cilantro lime vinaigrette, ranch, or creamy avocado. With fajita chicken or steak add 2.00 per person


Add these delicious options to your taco bar!


We stuff a flour tortilla with rice, black beans, Jack cheese, and ranchero sauce, with a side of sour cream and pico de gallo. Choose from ground beef, smoked chicken, smoked pork, or fresh avocado. 10.99 per person, with fajita chicken or carde asada 11.99 per person


Madison, meet Maria and her tamales. In the small town of Chalchihuapan, Puebla, Maria learned her family recipe from her Grandmother Inosensia. These tamales are crafted with love for your soul to enjoy. Filled with your choice of smoked chicken, smoked pork, or veggies. Comes with choice of salsa verde or traditional guajillo sauce. 31.99 per dozen


Hand-rolled corn tortillas filled with queso Chihuahua cheese and your choice of smoked chicken, smoked pork, black beans, or roasted sweet potato. 24.99 per dozen

Butcher's Block

Our meat is smoked in-house and handcrafted with love. We deliver it cold so you can heat it up yourself. Price is per pound.


Chips & Salsa

Comes with one bag of house-made tortilla chips per 8oz. or salsa. Choice of mild tomato, salsa verde, medium ranchera, or hot arbol.



Your choice of charro, black, or refried beans.

Tex Mex Rice

Avocado Cream Sauce

Queso & Guac

Comes with one bag of house-made tortilla chips per 8 oz. of queso or guacamole.


What Makes Us Different?

We take our food seriously, and we make it TASTY! We get fresh meat and produce from local farms. We smoke our pork in house--that means right here! We marinate our beef for 1-2 hours and THEN slow roast for 12 hours. Chicken? Roasted daily, on site. We do all this because we know you can taste the difference. And because we know YOU'RE GONNA LOVE IT! So sit back, relax, and let us do all the work.

We Deliver!

We’re a great choice for any event in town or out. We specialize in weddings, office luncheons, birthdays, reunions, graduation parties, and anything else you’re organizing.

To Place Your Order Call 608.242.1800

Tex Tubb's Taco Palace Catering is delicious and convenient. Order any size taco bar or a number of a la carte options, add some chips, salsa, guac, and queso to your spread, and we'll drop it off for you! Nothing to return, nothing to wash. SIMPLE AS CAN BE! Your catering comes with everything you need; napkins, plates, utensils, recyclable chafin dishes to keep everything warm, and desserts to finish off the meal. We'll sweat in the kitchen so that you can look like a hero at your event.